Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hallowed turf

Check out the pictures of the lush, beautiful lawn which now replaces the slope at the back of our house. The husband has many talents - one of which is that he is a 'finisher of projects'. Two weeks ago ready grown lawn was delivered to our doorstep and the husband painstakingly laid it. We were told to water it regularly and to wait 10 days before we walked on it. It all sounded fairly basic to me but the husband treated the grass with the kind of attentiveness a newborn baby affords. Every night for the last couple of weeks if he has woken up in the night he would go outside, check how wet the grass was and tinker with the rate at which the water came out of the sprinkler. His alarm was set for 5am every day and he has been out there, studiously watching the water pitter patter onto his pride and joy. When we drove to Taranaki for the weekend to see Fleetwood Mac his brother was drafted in to get up at 5am and turn the sprinkler on (luckily they are very close and the brother didn't think this was either odd or too much to ask). This was suplemented by several daily strolls round the perimeter watering the places the sprinkler couldn't reach with a hose. After 10 days I tentatively asked if we could walk on the hallowed turf. "One more day" I was told. Two days later I was informed it should only be a couple more days until we can use the garden. Today, 19 days after the lawn was laid, the lad ran riot and we moved the trampoline down there too. The obsession has paid off and we now have the most fantastic extra bit of garden. What a clever man you are, thank you oh husband of mine.

This year I have a goal. I can't really call it a resolution as such but something to work towards. A few months ago my brother married his lovely girlfriend. She has changed his life in the most profoundly positive way possible and has made him a very happy person. Although they live a mere 11,000 miles or so away from us (they are in Chamonix, France and we are in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand) I would like to spend more time with them and get to know my new sister in law better. A fairly fantastical wish but I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Unfortunately all the ideas need pots of cash to finance them and involve travelling the aforementioned 11,000 miles. We had talked about going to France for the winter season at the end of 2010 some time ago but a few other spanners have been thrown into the works since then. Anyway we can but try, can we not?


  1. What about Skype? A pale imitation of spending real time together, but cheaper!

    Found your blog via Nappy Valley Girl.

  2. Iota - I LOVE skype. Not sure if I would have managed to saty in NZ without it. Isn't it just the most fantastic invention? Free international video calling. Who would ever have thought that would be possible.

  3. skype is a saviour! we use it just to see my hub's family in ireland...usually post-sunday-dinner! although we talk on the phone nearly every day it's just so special (and hilarious) to see your loved ones on screen.

    (congrats on your brother's nuptuals by the way!) i have a resolution to keep in touch with my brother more this year. and he's in the same country as me! no more excuses. and i'm sure a baby niece will lure him our way more often if my original plan doesn't work!

    the lawn looks amazing. super-husband?! the tender loving care of the turf obviously paid off...enjoy! Xx


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