Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Anticipation is a heart huggingly, sunnily happy state of mind interspersed with involuntary chuckles. This evening I feel so excited I can barely contain myself. Let me explain.

1. This morning I spoke to my two best friends at home in England. One has started a brand new job and the other has a brand new baby. They are both in great spirits and I love them both dearly.

2. One of my lovely friends in NZ who has been away for the last six weeks got back today so I enjoyed a good old chin wag with her and heard about some exciting adventures in the South Island.

3. Two of my nieces are staying the night with us. As I type this the five children are tearing round in the evening sunshine giggling and revelling in each others' company.

4. Tomorrow is my 35th birthday. We are having lots of friends round for a barbeque, drinks and egg and spoon, three legged and relay races on our newly flattened lawn.

5. The biggest, most exciting thing which tickles me though is the imminent arrival of my parents tomorrow morning for seven long, glorious weeks. I miss them all day every day when I'm not with them and now I won't have to.

Utter bliss.


  1. Happy birthday! And have a lovely time with your parents. It sounds like a lovely life you have in NZ but I know from experience that a visit from home makes life even better. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy your birthday, and your parents! There's nothing better than getting excited in anticipation....

  3. thank you! I have just spoken to my parents they have landed in Auckland and are driving down so I'll see them in 2 hours. Hurrah!


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