Tuesday, 21 June 2011

paint a red cross on the door

Yesterday I arrived at kindy to see stuck to the door "friendly notice:  head lice are doing the rounds".  Today the same notice is there with the words head lice rubbed out and replaced with chicken pox.  I admire the scribe of this missive and their perky, upbeat attitude but I am struggling to feel the same optimism about having my children picking at welts and scabs on their normally peachy skin and hauling finger nails through their heads collecting the eggs of these little critters then littering them about the house so we can keep the glorious cycle of nit life a-turning in the warmth of our home.

As I type this my head is itchy as buggery.  I don't want to slather my newly dyed red hair (see pic) in anti-nit chemicals.  It will probably turn my hair green.


  1. Welcome to the nightmare. We spent loads of money plus time, plus tears getting rid of lice three times in the last year. I am an expert. Nothing helps except combing it out, though it's incredibly tempting to buy all the shampoos and whatnot. My eldest son is the master of the comb. If all else fails he will get a... job as nit getter outer. There's work where theres muck...and bugs

  2. One of my hairdressing friends warns against using shampoos to get rid of them as the little scratchers apparently build up immunity against the toxic chemicals we scrub into our scalps. A nit getter outer - it doesn't sound very glam but there is certainly a big demand for that work.


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