Thursday, 11 February 2010


The day before Christmas Eve I saw this painting. I felt a pull and knew that I could look at it forever. Having brought it home for the night to see what the husband thought of it and how it would look in the house I began to panic. What if he didn't like it? What if we couldn't afford it? What if SOMEONE ELSE ended up buying it and I couldn't suspend my mind before its inky silence ever again? The husband feigned indifference then hid it and gave it to me as a surprise on Christmas Day. What a kind and loving superstar he is.

The artist Ellie Lawler painted it. I have met Ellie a few times as she lives next door to one of my friends. She is an amazing soul. Deep and gentle with wonderful insight. I liked her very much from the first second I saw her. To discover she was the artist made me love the painting even more. When I look at it I can feel a serenity steal over my mind. I love the togetherness of the jellyfish as they slowly pulse through the mystical, magical world of black water. Jellyfish have no brain and yet they congregate on their wandering journey. No purpose, no rush, no sadness, no arguing, just beauty. The hypnotic effect this piece has on me reminds me that nothing else is important. Just be.

Aside from the energy of the Moonjellies there is another reason I love it. For the last 2 years the lad has been interested in the natural world underwater. We often find jellyfish on our beach, watch the fantastic 'Blue Planet' series on DVD and chat about jellyfish, squid, sharks and all the other things which so fascinate little boys. The Finding Nemo scene featuring a pink, waving mass of pink Jellyfish ignites further talk of their tentacles, what happens when you touch them, what they eat and where they live. When the lad set eyes on the painting he smiled and pointed to it. He loves it too.

This afternoon Ellie came over to chat about the painting and tell me about its story. I'll write about it tomorrow.

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