Friday, 23 April 2010

A New Low

Yesterday I went to see a friend and her children for a catch up and a play. She is highly intelligent. She has a degree, has written a children's book and is about to launch her own company online. We chattered away for a while, refereed a few tiffs between our 6 chiddlers and ate cake. Just as I was about to leave, I noticed a large brown box in the garage.

Chum: I bought a new washing machine the other day with a 7.5kg drum so now I'm down to doing just 1 load of washing per day.

Me: Really? I'm not sure how big my washing machine drum is.

We go into her laundry room and she lifts the lid on her sparkly new, 7.5kg drum washing machine. As we gaze into the impressively roomy appliance, we both suddenly realise how low we have stooped. Time for her to get stuck into publishing that book and for me to get a job.


  1. ok i am jealous of the machine. these are worrying times!

    i always fancied a top loader : )

  2. And I have become obsessed with whether my American machine washes hot enough. Definitely a new low.....


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