Thursday, 27 May 2010

Au pair extraordinaire, s'il vous plait

The hunt for an au pair continues apace. We have signed up with an agency who try and match us to someone who will fit into our little family. Rather naively I assumed that they would line up a series of pony tailed, lively, enthusiastic little freshies for us to meet, interview and get to know before they moved into our house. Apparently this is not the case. We can chat on the phone in their home country and if we're lucky we'll be able to see them on skype. A couple of years ago the thought of inviting a strange teenager to live with us for a year would make me slightly nauseous. Now I can't think of anything better.

Our 4.26am start today elongated the latter stages of the day somewhat as well as diminishing my already weakened ability to deliver a tightly administrated 4pm-7pm witching hour. The husband is a legend at diving head first into the fray the minute he walks through the door from work and we are muddling along in a dishevelled fashion but I can't wait to have someone to help. Even more excitingly, I'm hoping that I'll be able to start working again. My grey matter has been swilling around rather aimlessly for some time now. Time to dust of the old brain cells and see if they have any use beyond building planes out of lego.


  1. Hello Jenny!

    By a coincidence i stumbled over your blog while I was googling for different au pair jobs. This might be a little bit wierd place to ask. But what kind of criterias do you have for your au pair?

    With hugs from Sweden

  2. you can email me at if you like so we can chat about it.


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