Sunday, 13 June 2010


going to the pub on a Friday night with husband and chums
breakfast in a cafe on Saturday morning with the husband
SATC2 on Saturday evening
walking on the beach with the husband
reading English Grazia on the sofa
sleeping for 12 straight hours

That's right, a whole weekend without my children. My lovely, saint like Aunt and her generous husband offered to have the 3 of them for the weekend. We just picked up the happy little sunbeams this afternoon after an utterly relaxing two days. I couldn't be more grateful


  1. ber-liss!! i can only dream of catching 3 undisturbed hours at the mo...and desperate to see satc2. what did you think? x

  2. I loved it. Merely for the clothes and flash shoes. It was just fun to go and see it with some girlfriends. Definitely not brain food, but certainly eye candy. How was Ireland?


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