Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Tempted as I am to regale you with the story of my being run over as I skipped tipsily through Soho on my 30th birthday and the subsequent farcical drama, I have reminded myself that one of the reasons I started to write the blog was for my children to read about themselves and our family life. With that in mind I thought I would write a post on each little chiddler. In reverse age order. So, twin2, you are up first.

Twin2 loves:

TV, sucking her fingers whilst tickling her ear, spending time in the bathroom with the door shut so she can quietly unwrap all manner of sanitary products and shove them down the toilet, cuddling, walking straight out into the ocean, shouting "don't" whilst pointing at other toddlers in a menacing fashion, saying "pardon me" after she has burped and consuming vast quantities of anything leaning towards edible.

She will happily share food with twin1 or the lad. I love her sunny disposition. Although the little twins have spent a sizable portion of the last two years bawling, twin2 has a calmness which pools out from her little being. She has always waited her turn with goodwill. Her ability to eat almost anything is rather impressive. This morning I found her in the bathroom squeezing violently strong, mint toothpaste into her mouth. Upon my entrance she guiltily chucked the tube on the ground and jogged past me. Gorgeous little thing she is. I love her to bits

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