Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sunday was a cracker of a day. The sun shone with spring warmth and we threw a birthday party for the lad. The bouncy castle was installed by 9.30am and bubbles filled our garden. All 3 chiddlers had a nap so at midday the husband and I blew the froth off a couple and played swingball. A couple of hours later and the party was in full swing. Nothing could be more wonderful than a garden full of shrieking, happy children and their relaxed, sun warmed parents. Twin1 ate more cake than anyone should put inside their body, twin2 was wide eyed at the joy of dummies (why couldn't she have stumbled upon that little miracle when she was a baby?) and the lad hauled his birthday brontosaurus around in delight.

I love being around lots of people. I'm not particularly private or much of a loner, I can talk the arse end off a donkey and am never the first to leave a party so Sunday was pretty goddammed perfect.

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