Sunday, 26 June 2011

Can you smell shit?

The result of cleaning up faecal matter every day for four years is olfactory havoc.  This morning as I chucked a few toys in the twins' room I wandered through a mist of minute shit particles.  Sniffing, I attempted to locate the offending nuggets whilst discerning from the smell whether I would be dealing with a dry pile of pebbles or a carpet clinging sludge.  The aromatic trail led me under twin1's bed where I found a cloud of baby wipes wafting their arse cleansing chemicals into the air.  I looked around for anything more sinister.  Nothing.  The rush of relief was marred by the jolt of realising I now find it impossible to distinguish between the smell of baby wipes and shit.  To be fair, shit always smells like shit.  But now baby wipes smell of shit too.

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