Monday, 8 August 2011

A change is as good as a rest, so they say

The husband and lad flew down to Wanaka today to go skiing.  The twins are asleep and I'm sitting in front of a plate full of cheese, crackers and olives and a bottle of bubbles.  The TV's silent, I have got Lydia Cole on the ipod, the fire on and I have two girlfriends making tracks in my direction.  WELCOME TO GIRLWORLD.

As much as I love being all together as a little family, I am excited for lad and the husband to get some time together in a place dear to the husband's heart.  Equally, I am loving being with my little girls.  I have been looking forward to our week of change.  It will do each of us good and help us to appreciate each other all the more (that's the way I'm having it play out in my mind, anyway).


  1. Gosh, I thought I'd gone to the wrong post, but of course its winter there. How fantastic that your son gets time with your hubby. I think he's done one trip before right, in Wanaka? I know from my old days though it was hard being at home by myself with the littlies...I used to stock up on the Sav blanc...

  2. actually I loved being at home with them but it was just the little twins and they were very well behaved (which is unusual!). Maybe it was lovely because, like you, I had stocked up on Sauv Blanc.


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