Monday, 10 October 2011

Jurassic festivities

Although we have always thrown birthday parties for the children, they have involved parents, booze and barbeques so end up being more of a family shindig.  Yesterday lad turned 5.  We went for the full blown childfest.  A dinosaur themed party complete with games, face painting, pinata, party food and no parents.  My mum made three fantastic dinosaur outfits.  Lad and twin1 refused to wear theirs.

It was such a joy to watch the children rush madly around, cheering and chasing each other, blowing bubbles and laughing.  They were all so pleased to be together and hugged themselves in delight at the sweets and cakes on offer.  They threw themselves into each game, some with a more developed sense of competition than others but all in good spirits, keen to get as much enjoyment from the festivities as possible.  Glorious.

Goodness knows what kind of chemical reactions went on inside lad's body between the spurts of adrenaline and globs of refined sugar but he slept badly after his party.  Sobbing, wandering round the house and asking to watch TV at 2am he eventually drifted into a restorative sleep.  This morning the three of them are slightly hungover.  I am feeling pretty deflated too.  My parents leave to go back home to the UK tomorrow.


  1. ah jen...ten out of ten party! what a rockstar cake!!

    so lovely that your parents were there to celebrate with their grandson. i hope that the farewells aren't too sad for you. roll on next spring! we are making our plan to visit you already :o)

    throwing birthday parties actually makes me nervous but i suppose i'd better get used to it.

    oh and i like your hair. is it pinned up? pretty! xXx

  2. hey Kelly, yes after 10 years I finally worked out how to put my hair up with one hand! I'm going to post a video demo on my blog soon. You will LOVE throwing parties. It's so much fun and you are so creative. COME AND STAY WITH US I would absolutely love it xxx


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