Monday, 30 November 2009

High jinks and tricycles

Cooking dinner and drinking wine must rank among my favourite pursuits of all time (does drinking wine count as a pursuit?). Last night I happily cooked dinner for some friends, then cycled my trike to a friend's house to guzzle icy cold white wine. High jinks ensued and at 2am I tried to cycle my bike with the lock still attached. Detangling it was a job way beyond my somewhat limited means. I abandoned the project and walked home. This morning my lovely friend cycled the trike back home to me and skateboarded back to his house. How kind is that?
I love my trike. The husband gave it to me on our first Christmas in New Zealand. What a cool, cool present. It has been specially customised. It has back pedal brakes and the brake for the front wheel is connected to the left handlebar as are the gears. Last summer I didn't use it much as the twins were newly born so I was confined to two hour long feeding sessions at home with the sun blazing outside and watching endless rounds of Ice Age and Finding Nemo with my son. This summer I'd love to use it more. While our littlies are at Kindergarten this week my sister in law and I are going to take the twins out for a bike ride. We both have child seats on the back of our bikes. They'll love it.

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