Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Apoplectic ranting

There are a number of different approaches I take when trying to stop my son from aiming 'playful' kicks at the twins or donking them on the head with whatever he has in his hand. The differing approaches depend on how tired I am, how many times I have already asked him to stop doing it, what time of day it is or what kind of successful discipline techniques I have witnessed friends using with their children that particular day. Gently saying "use your kind hands/feet" barely elicits a response. Bellowing at him and sending him to his room usually results in his waiting calmly until I've finished my apoplectic rant and answering "stop shouting Mummy" or "I'm not saying sorry to twin1, you say sorry to me Mummy because you pushed me" or "are you going to smack me now?"

How is it that you can be pottering about, making dinner and feeling happy, warm and fuzzy as your children play together, giggling and making up games then......BOOM. The boy wrenches a toy out of twin1's hands and hits her repeatedly round the head with it. Suddenly your blood pressure is through the roof and you are screaming with unhinged rage while the 3 year old stares at you unblinkingly. Roll on 2 hours later at bedtime and you are stroking his hair and guiltily saying "you know Mummy loves you very much, don't you darling?"

The boy came up with the best retort yet today. When being shouted at for hitting his sister he shouted back "I'm not hitting her, I'm giving her five"

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