Thursday, 30 December 2010


Last night I wore these gold jeans to a concert. I was the only person wearing high heels (the concert was in a field). I couldn't see anyone else wearing red lipstick either. It was a brilliant night. I felt like a groupie.
My best mate had sent the jeans along with a few other bits and pieces to me from London. She is a serial shopper and I had no qualms about her choosing clothes for me. My directive was 'high heels and some going out stuff'. My God she is good. I pretty much wept over my Primark and H&M goodies when they arrived last week. Now all I need to do is organise a few nights out so I can prance about in my new threads.
As I jumped into a taxi outside my house to go to the concert one of neighbour's children was skateboarding past.
'Hi Jenny, where are you going?'
'I'm off to a concert'
'Oh yeah? Are you performing?'
Bloody, bloody brilliant.


  1. strike a pose! you are hot!!!

    jen you look like a goddess. those jeans were your destiny...lucky you have nancy to matchmake you with such delights. she is indeed good. i may just need to get her to parcel me up some finds from the few miles down the road!

    red lipstick is undeniably the best thing. i hope you get to wear more and more of your fabulous clothes soon.

    happy new year my friend. from the foggy foggy fens to your sunshine sky. just off to bed here. night night. xXx

  2. hey Kelly we saw The Black Seeds and Katchafire. Solid New Zealand bands. lots and lots and lots of love to you, C and E xxx


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