Monday, 3 January 2011

And the winner is....baked beans

We had a late night having dinner with friends last night so my 3 littlies are all hungover this morning. I have just put them to bed for a snooze which leaves me with a good hour or so to myself. I can barely get my thoughts in any kind of order as I try and decide how to spend this golden little bubble of silence and solitude. What I should really be doing is hanging the washing out and tidying up. The winner was baked beans on toast and writing my blog.

The husband and littlies have 2 weeks off from work and kindy. It has been bliss. Spending time together just the five of us has been great for our family spirit and happiness. There are few greater pleasures than being in the company of people you love. By the end of the holiday they'll probably have driven me nuts and I will look forward to packing them all off back to daily routines but for the moment it's all peace and love in our house.

Come January, my chums and family at home are always keen to ditch their winter threads and poke their white limbs towards the sun on the beach. We have a glittering array of guests lined up over the next couple of months with the fairy atop the tree being my parents. They arrive on the 20th Jan and I can't stop thinking about it.

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