Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A room with a view

Last weekend was exciting.  I went up to Auckland with some girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.  Needless to say the weekend invloved champagne, high heels, looking at nice things, eating when we damn well liked and about 43 shades of lipgloss.  I returned home on Sunday night to a tidy house a freshly baked bread.  Astonishing.

We have arranged to meet for further wine consumption and the obligatory debrief.


  1. Totally fabulous. De-briefing very necessary after these weekends i feel. Many de-briefings...

  2. it was beyond blissful. A peak into the life of adults with no children

  3. Just me back again. Have to say your comment today was the funniest I've ever read. People say LOL - but I really did. Brill.


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