Saturday, 28 May 2011

Stand too close and you'll be covered in it

Despite being rather a frantic, excitable person I don't tend to get stressed by too much.  I can roll with the punches as well as the next man.  For two weeks however I have felt increasingly anxious to the point were the last three days have been spent in a state of nauseous panic.  A tennis ball of sick felt lodged in the base of my throat, held back by the faintest pressure, ready to expel itself bileous and green in a broken, teary breakdown.

I spoke to my Dad and the husband and voiced a few of my niggling worries.  They both had the same thing to say.  Life is for enjoying, particularly in the now.  Don't worry about things too much.  It was such welcome, calming and simple advice.  Then I read an article about someone trying to let go in various ways.  Thank goodness for Dads and husbands as well as random advice from strangers.  This morning I still feel nervy but I no longer feel like I'm gliding here and there with a face of pinched muscles and a brain smashing round in cavernous darkness.


  1. Know what you mean exactly. I don't get stressed about big things - moving houses, moving countries, remodelling. But carpools send me into a tailspin, I feel depressed for the whole day through and anxious. Thank goodness for the hubs, they keep us grounded...

  2. Hi

    Popped over to see who you were. Glad to have found your blog. Incidentally, my mother and sister live in NZ.

    Re being stressed - try an exercise (this may sound weird but trust me). Get in the shower and while you're in there, be 'mindful' of every little thing you're doing. How it feels when you wash your hair. What the water feels like as it flows down. What it sounds like. Does your skin get goose bumps when the temperature goes up. etc.

    It teaches you to be mindful of what your body is feeling. So when you feel stressed, you can listen to your body, be mindful of the sensations and go: oh, my stomach feels like there's a knot in it.

    Once you recognise where the tension is, then do part two. Accept it. Allow the tension to be there. Don't try to block it. Let the knot be there. And then imagine that knot of stress to be your child that has hurt itself (say falling out of a tree). You'd comfort your child, be tender and say 'It's ok'. Do that to the knot in your stomach and you will feel the tension disappear.

    Sorry - I'm not actually a yar-fully-hey-shoowow type person, but I recently went for counselling and I was taught this technique and it worked


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