Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shit parenting volume 4 (or it could be more. I've lost count)

twin 1

At the end of a meeting a colleague asked me how my children were.  Having had my professional hat on for the the last half hour my veneer slipped and I spoke as a mother on the edge.
"I have got no idea why, but the twins just cry so bloody much.  At everything.  As often as they can.  Every morning is a screamfest over getting dressed to go to kindy.  Twin1 steadfastly refuses to wear anything but a tiny little sun dress.  It's 10 degrees outside"
"Pick your battles." My colleague said.  "Don't fight over clothes, just let her wear what she wants.  She probably only makes a fuss with you, I bet she lets the kindy staff put jumpers and trousers on her.  It won't kill her to be cold for a short while."

And so it has been over the last two weeks that I have allowed the tiny little soul to go to kindy with barely a scrap of clothing on.  It's bloody freezing and I ask her if she'd like a jumper but the answer's always the same.  Yesterday I was told that a few parents have expressed concern over her clothes.  The last thing any parent needs is another parent's judgemental crap.  So to all those who give me the 'you're a shit parent' glance when they see twin1 dancing around gaily in her sundress and sparkly shoes while the rain sheets down in icy needles I gather myself to my full height, raise my head snootily in the air, muster as much dignity as possible and shout 'FUCK OFF.'


  1. Great advice from your colleague (and what is it with the judgmental looks, its a worldwide phenom) my kids look like crap with their (dirty, stained) shorts in the snow and wool hats in the sun but whenever I can I just move very quietly away....

  2. It came to me as I reading your blog which I have to say love (finally there is another real person out there) - I wonder what the "super mums" who look scornfullly down their noses at you had to trade that morning to get their darlings to do as they were asked' I'm thinking a friggin lot!!

    Your doing great Jen who gives a rats arse what others think as long as you and your twins are happy thats all that counts baby!

  3. Jody - how did your evening with Jean go? Did you drum up some more people to come to your house?
    Ha ha yes I also do the glance in the other direction and sidle away trick!

    Denny - thanks!

  4. Jenny, back again...sorry bit stalkerish of me... yes, you had great advice, it;s all about talking to people on the phone or better, face to face. The evening went well and just wrote it up yesterday. Have a great weeken!

  5. Killed myself laughing reading this post. Funny how when asked a question out of context (i.e. when you have your business hat on) you answer without the usual filters... the "motherhood, oh yeah, its awesome!" crap.

    As for those judgemental parents they can go whistle.

  6. Jody - I read about your eve, sounds like it went well. You will go to heaven with an A plus for effort
    Intermittent - trying to apply the right filter for each occasion is exhausting isn't it?


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