Friday, 29 July 2011

Wednesday you are the new Friday

Every Wednesday morning an angel in Marigolds comes to my house and transforms it into the kind of place you want to spend lots of time in.  As I walk through the door the self assurance of Pledge hits me and it's all I can do to stop myself from dropping to my knees in teary gratitude.  The effect a tidy, clean house has on morale is immeasurable.  Immediately after the gratitude comes panic.  I stretch my arms out in protection over hoovered carpets and gleaming sinks and start screaming. 'Nobody touch anything.  Don't play with any toys, don't eat anything, don't go to the toilet and don't sit anywhere.'

I have devised a system to prolong the joy as long as possible.  When I pick the children up from kindy at lunchtime on a Wednesday we don't go home to have lunch.  Oh no.  If it's not blowing a gale or bitingly cold I take sandwiches down to the beach.  Failing that we'll eat the sandwiches in the car while we look at the windy and cold beach (I have lost count of the number of four year olds who get in my car and blanche at the frankly unhygienic state of its interior but hey, who cares?  At least the house is clean).  I'll happily trawl the three of them round the supermarket and feed them a lunch of whatever they want from little plastic wrapped packages as long as the house is clean.  I try and remember to throw 3 packs of those milkshake as breakfast things into the trolley then the tidiness inches through Thursday morning too.

The irony of my not being in the house to fully benefit from its cleanliness is not lost on me but I don't care.  Wednesdays rule.


  1. yes please. please please i could do with a pledge wielding angel about our house...but i may just use her as inspiration and squirt a bit of pledge in an air freshner stylee near the front door.

    clean houses are like the holy grail but impossible when wee ones hold weetabix-loaded spoons round here! tidy ones? forget it.

    jen you never fail to make me smile when i stop by to read your words. thank you! can't wait to see you for real in a few weeks time...yippeee!! xXXXx

  2. I know exactly what you mean. The bliss of knowing everything is in order _ love your "angel in marigolds"! - even if you can't see it. I have the smelliest messiest foulest car and I couldn't care less...but I love a clean and tidy house.

  3. hey Kelly are you bringing Elsa? I hope so x
    Jody - I concur


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