Saturday, 7 August 2010

City glitz

I am writing this in Auckland. As the husband is in Sydney for a few days, I dropped the ankle biters off at my generous Aunt's house and settled in the car to indulge my fairly dire taste in music. Expelling vast lung fulls of air, I murdered Madonna's Ray Of Light and pointed the car towards the bright lights of Auckland. One of my dearest friends moved to Auckland a few months ago and I was so excited about catching up.

A Friday night out with girlfriends in the big smoke. What a delight. We giggled, drank champagne and poured ourselves into skinny jeans. We had so much glitter on our eyes that blinking sent silvery clouds shimmering onto our shoulders and decolletage. Teetering into Racket Bar we laughed and danced our way through the evening. It was obvious who I had befriended in the bar as they were coated in a sprinkling of glitter. The clever, open minded traits of city folk blended with the Kiwi warmth makes Aucklanders a convivial, fun bunch. My friend attracted the attention of the most smoulderingly sexy bloke in the bar who was also charming and polite. I woke up to silence and have spent the day chatting. Tomorrow I'll go home very happy.

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