Sunday, 15 August 2010

The witching hour

Although frenetic, tea time and bath time are some of the most enjoyable moments of the day. Whilst the 3 littlies sit round the table and eat their tea I often cook, watching and listening to their conversations. The lad dominates the conversation with his two year advantage but the twins have enough words in their armoury to communicate. Their target practice has improved no end so cleaning up is becoming a more manageable task. The twins rarely eat solely what is put in front of them but rather pass their food back and forth to each other. The lad loves to spoon feed twin1 and maintain his management role. Whilst still at the table I strip the girls off to their nappies and they toddle off to watch the water make frothy bubbles in the bath.

Perching on a stool next to the bath I love to watch my children transform from grubby little street urchins to lavender scented, clear eyed angels. They delight in the watery games and hold their arms up to be lifted out and gently dried. All fractious exhaustion from a busy day has dissipated into a compliant haze. Cuddles and stories send them into a soporific trance. Each day I thank the universe for our happy, healthy children. Nothing could make you happier.

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