Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It's not often you listen to your mother

Usually if I have a croaky throat on a Monday its because I did too much shouting/singing/wine drinking/all of the above at some stage over the weekend.  This week it isn't a consequence of any behaviour. Its a bona fide medical complaint.  I was chatting to my ma this evening on the phone and she asked if I was drinking plenty of honey and lemon.
'None' I said.
'Well you should be, it will help to soothe your throat and heal your...blah, blah, blah'
I zoned out for a bit then told her I would definitely drink it if she could just make the short 12,000 mile trip to make it for me.
Mummy, you'll be pleased to hear that following our conversation I boiled the kettle, coaxed a few drops of juice out of a shrivelled lemon and emptied half a bottle of honey into the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee mug you bought me in 2002.  I am finally listening to your advice.  I hope that my own children won't wait for thirty years before they do me the same service.

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