Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Alcoholic Daze

I have been reading the Alcoholic Daze blog today. I stumbled upon it and now the words are stuck in my head. Although we all know that many people live with spouses and relatives with addictions, to read the minutae of that life from that spouse's perspective is another thing altogether.

Building a loving life with your husband is wonderful. It makes you feel fulfilled, supported, full of fun and love and happiness. Reading this lovely, brave, determined lady's blog has made me think about all the different and unpredictable twists and turns your well laid intentions can take. No one can forsee the direction their life will take nor how their decisions under different circumstances will affect the path of their life. Like many others I am guilty of jumping to conclusions. Not judging others is one of the most important ways of being kind and thoughtful. Alcoholic Daze's blog has reminded me to do it myself.
Kelly these pics are for you. I just looked out of the kitchen as I was writing my blog and the sky turned orange under my gaze.


  1. Lovely blog!! I'll keep popping over! Mxx

  2. i think we could all do with reminding sometimes. thank you for the photos lovely friend...they are beautiful. Xx

  3. wow that's very kind thank you x


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