Saturday, 16 January 2010

Podium dancing

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday this weekend which was perfect for our street party. Last week I posted leaflets through everybody's doors suggesting we meet at the beach and eat sausages and drink beer in order to celebrate living on our lovely road. We do lots of socialising on our road - the husband's brother lives opposite us with his young family and we get together with lots of others all hailing from our little stretch. Being with lots of people is very high on my list of favourite things to do. I know not everybody loves small talk but I absolutely love getting to know new people. We had a great turnout and the children ran wild all together making it a perfect Saturday lunchtime activity.

On Saturday evening the husband and I went to a party at a friend's house 20 minute's drive away. We drove with two friends and booked a dial-a-driver (the dude who arrives on a scooter, packs in into your boot and deposits you and your car safely back home. Genius) to pick us up at midnight. The friends whose party it was have been laying low for nearly a year now. They had their third child last February and have barely surfaced for air since. This being their official reintegration back into society we were greeted with tequila shots and champagne. I had provided 2 watermelons full of vodka. The watermelon-vodka combo is absolutely lethal. The delicious sweetness of the watermelon is set off perfectly by the strong, bitter vodka and the result is catatonic drunkeness. At 11.30pm I texted the dial a driver to ask him to come at 1am. Then I texted him at 12.30am to come at 2am. Dancing was in full flow and the tables were being used to good effect as podiums. Roll on 3am and we were just about ready to go home. A quick 2 and a half hours of sleep later and it was straight into whipping up scrambled eggs and dishing out milk to the three happy little sunbeams. Tiring it may have been but we had such a fantastic night full of laughter, darts competitions and dancing it was thoroughly worth it.

Something seriously exciting has happened in my tiny universe today. My parents have packed their bags, driven through the icy roads at home to the airport and are, as I type, tearing full throttle through the sky towards us. They are going to see my uncle in Perth first but a week on Wednesday (which also happens to be my 35th birthday) they will be arriving here in New Zealand for a whole 7 weeks. I'm beside myself with excitement at the thought of being able to see them every day. Hurrah!


  1. all sounds good in the hood! did the hangover ever kick in or are you just too excited to be getting a long visit from your folks for it to take effect? xX

  2. I felt a bit sketchy in the morning but not too bad. Hangovers must seem like an age away to you x


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