Thursday, 14 January 2010

Shape throwing

Sometimes our night times can be pretty chaotic. Twin1 was awake crying as if the ceiling was collapsing in her bedroom on and off from 7pm until about 11pm when the husband and I administered paracetamol and she eventually drifted off. At about 1am twin2 took up the baton and put in some good wailing. She was eventually dosed and grumbled away for quite some time before finally succumbing to blissful sleep. At 4am there were shouts for Daddy in the lad's room. The husband is the softest touch ever so hauled him into our bed to sleep. Although there is nothing lovelier than cuddling your littlies in bed with you, I find it almost impossible to sleep with them in there. As a result I'm feeling rather befuddled today.

Waking up in the night to deal with crying babies can be a very disorientating experience. I tend to throw whatever I can at the situation to stop the crying as quickly as possible - milk, Calpol, cuddles. Bizarrely even though twin1 is a pretty light sleeper and wakes at the merest hint of the rustle of a feather she can sleep smilingly through twin2's banshee type yells in the night. How does that work? Twin1 cries nearly every night but twin2 never wakes up to it either.

The twins sleep in their own cots in the same room and the lad has his own room. When the babies are about three years old I would like to have two sets of bunk beds in one room so the three children can sleep together and use the other room as a play room. The twins are often grouped together as one item (look, I just did it there by referring to them as 'the twins'). Whilst looking after them as babies it is difficult to split them up really. If my parents lived here I would do lots more with them separately because they'd have any combination of the children but so far we haven't really managed to do it. As they edge into toddlerdom and are capable of speech and walking I would really like to be able to treat them all as total individuals. I am hoping that them all sharing the same bedroom will be beneficial for each of their relationships with each other.

Today the sun is beaming down from the brightest blue sky and our town is gearing up for Blues, Brews and Barbeques. This event is an annual shindig held not 200m from our house in a huge park. There will be (as the title suggests) plenty of beer, food and music to dance to (or in my case launch myself into bizarre and poorly worked shapes). I absolutely love this kind of thing. Loads of people wandering round, laughing-a-plenty and singing along to a band with my husband and friends. Let's just hope the children show their generous side by sleeping extremely deeply all night and gently surfacing around 8am. I can dream can't I?

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  1. hmmm...makes me wonder what lies just around the corner in our home?! your plans down the line for an all-in-bedroom sound great. a bit like a mini dorm!

    have fun at bbb. there is nothing better for the soul than a boogie!


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