Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Read long, straight and hard

Two friends have decided to start a book club. It will be just a few of us meeting once a month to chat about and swap books we have read. We all see one another times a week so are each inviting someone who the others don't know too well and who is also keen to expand their minds just outside the universe of scraping cement like weetabix off tables and floors. The first one is to be this evening held at my house. I told the husband about it last night. "Great" he says "I'll be the treasurer as well as deal with all the admin and membership. You''ll need a motto" he continued "I suggest 'read long, straight and hard'."

"Erm sorry darling, I don't think it's going to be that kind of club"

There was no stopping him now he was into entrepreneur mode "Subs will be $50 per year. We'll get the motto printed onto a bookmark it should only cost a couple of bucks per bookmark."

"So what will happen to the other $48?" I mused

"That goes towards the end of year bash. I'll organise a male stripper. Or better still I'll save some cash and do it myself."

I contemplated the very swift change of direction book club was taking. As I pondered how much my sister in law and close friends (who are also close friends of the husband) would take to seeing him whip off his skiddies while they downed Lindauer in our front room he threw in his last suggestion.

"We'll have the bookmarks shaped like dildos."

Aah yes, perfect for slipping between the pages of a slim book.


  1. loving the blog, jen - that post particularly made me laugh! :0))) really enjoy hearing how you are and especially reading your parenting stories as we prepare for the arrival of our little one! XxX

  2. Brilliant bloke thwarting!

    Really loving to pop into your blog - you are a wonderful writer, have a true gift for writing,

    XXX Mickle and my (soundly sleeping) Zebbycat


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