Saturday, 17 September 2011

a crack on the hindquarters

I just took twin1 for a bike ride on my trike.  As I blew my red cheeks out and puffed, hunched over the handlebars she screamed 'faster, Mummy'.  If she'd had a whip she'd probably have given me a few cracks on the hindquarters.  Two weeks of eating and drinking without any little rascals to chase has settled in lumpy form round my middle so I thought a few bike rides would transform me into Gisele (a girl can dream).

It's very exciting seeing all my chums in NZ again.  Girls are brill.  They always have endless supplies of news and gossip to impart.  The husband is off to Auckland this afternoon to watch Australia v Ireland so I'm looking forward to spending the evening with my mum and the children and watching the kind of crap TV the husband rolls his eyes at.

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  1. C will be glued to the match on the square box so we have no escape from the rugby! i shall tell him to watch out for mr r :o) i could do with your little personal trainer to get me in to shape...thank goodness for the joys of the rockabilly workout we got on the dancefloor while you were here. happy weekending! xXx


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