Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Scared of the dark

Last year I was keen to move the children into one room and have the other bedroom as a playroom.  The husband was quite opposed to this on the grounds that lad needed some space to get away from the screaming, glitter-ridden world of twin girls.  I pushed for it for a while then in a move which will shock my friends and parents, I decided to just leave it and go with the husband's wishes.

Lad has been struggling to go to bed on his own, pleading for one more story or Daddy to come back in and kiss him goodnight or me to stay in his room with him.  In the night he has been asking to sleep with us or watch TV and we noticed he lies right on the edge of his bed as far away from the wall as possible.  The husband reckons the blame for lad's fear sits firmly in my gene swamp as my fear of the dark is such that I insist on tucking the duvet under my feet so that 'monsters' can't creep in.

In the car yesterday the husband piped up "do you think if lad shared a room with the girls it would help him sleep better at night?"
My calm "hmmm, maybe" covered up inner fireworks.  A few hours, expletives and an allan key later and bunk beds have been erected.  Last night lad hopped into his top bunk happily and I admired the new play room.  Who would have thought that just by keeping my enormous cake hole shut we would avoid an argument and I'd end up with a favourable outcome?  Astonishing.

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