Thursday, 22 September 2011

My new crush

X Factor America has just become the only thing on our TV on Thursday nights.  The first programme has left me feeling like I've been through an emotional tumble dryer for the following reasons:
1. I cried numerous times at the 'is this dreamer going to be left crushed in the gutter with or will we hear those sweet words "we have just witnessed the birth of a star" from the high waisted, sparkly toothed billionaire' conundrum.
2. Blokes chose to sing women's pop songs (step forward queen Adele).
3. I kept pressing rewind to see the intense, sexual magnet that is LA Reid.  Don't even get me started.

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  1. Will have to look at this one (though I'm trying to stem my obsession with telly at the mo) Have just finished Doc Martin and Monday Monday, now onto Murder in Suburbia. (yes I'm that sad...)


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