Monday, 21 December 2009

more west coast capers

After the show
Looking down at the band

Stevie Nicks you rock

Fellow funsters

A stroll into the park where Fleetwood Mac were playing

Looking up at the Wind Wand

Len Lye's Wind Wand

This weekend has rejuvenated my mind and and all the little molecules in my body have been filled with energy. The husband, two friends and I drove to New Plymouth on Friday to see Fleetwood Mac. What an opportunity to see one of the greatest bands of all time. New Plymouth is a farely remote town which sits further south than us on the west coast and is overshadowed by the beautiful, magnetic Mount Taranaki, the mountain after which the region is named. I was excited about going to a part of New Zealand I had never visited. What a fascinating town it is too. There has clearly been quite some investment in the town in recent years. Art Deco style buildings sit nestled in against newer, more industrial style constructions. There is a respect for art and creative thinking in the town which in turn leant it an intelligent, open minded feel. The New Zealand born artist Len Lye had an exhibition in the art gallery as well as an amazing sculpture situated right on the boardwalk on the sea front - the 'Wind Wand'. The tall, red wand bent whichever way the wind blew it and also reflected the force of the wind with its bowed stemn. We wondered if the bulbous end ever touched the ground in really violent weather.

On Friday evening we drank delicious champagne cocktails in the sunshine at the bar outside the museum, gazing out to sea past the wind wand. It was just after 5pm and I felt truly relaxed and grateful to be enjoying the company of my husband and our lovely friends. I managed to cast my thoughts eastward towards the twins' generous grandparents who were looking after them for the weekend and towards the husband's brother and our neighbours who were sharing care of the lad until Sunday. The thoughts were fleeting though as it is a rare day to be drinking champagne at 5pm.

Fleetwood Mac were mind blowing. What a deeply talented group of musicians. The real star of the show was Lyndsey Buckingham. A phenomenal guitarist and singer. We stood under a vast tree in the Brooklands Bowl and looked down towards the stage which was sitting on an island surrounded by a moat. A magical venue for music and even though there were a few drops of rain we were kept dry by our tree.

We spent all weekend laughing, chatting, marvelling at the cool town of New Plymouth and feeling happy. Usually these sorts of weekends leave you feeling exhausted but instead I feel excited about this week with Christmas at the end of it and pleased to be reunited with our chiddlers.

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