Saturday, 5 December 2009

Soul cuddling with the Dalai Lama

Two hours ago I parked my behind on a seat in the Vector Arena in Auckland. When the Dalai Lama walked in, bang on cue I welled up with tears and was overwhelmed with emotion. This man has done so much to teach people about living their life in the kindest, happiest way.

I will write more about it tomorrow but let me tell you he has a cheeky, naughty giggle and is a modern and relevant 74 year old who could relate to a teenager as well as he could someone my age. I feel like my brain and soul has had a massage and a cuddle. Now I'm off for a posh tea with my dear friend.

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  1. wow! a day you won't forget i'm sure. he always looks like he's got a magic sparkle in his eye but to be in the same room as him?..i can only imagine why you feel on cloud nine! Xx


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