Thursday, 10 December 2009

You can never have too much beer

What's your hangover cure? I have heard some pretty interesting ones. A pint glass filled half with Coke and half with red wine anyone? How any hungover person can drink that is beyond me. At university I remember going out and leaving a glass of water and 2 headache pills by my bed, setting my alarm to 6am and necking the lot so when I surfaced around 10am I'd be back to peak condition. I would say the only really effective ones I am aware of are sleep or getting drunk again. Neither of those 2 options are available to me today so I'll just have to ride it out. Luckily we have the ocean on our doorstep and the restorative powers of water are well known. Having a swim in the stuff was bracing and blew away the hangover while I was down on the beach but returning home and rushing round after my littlies ensured its swift, boggled eyed and thirsty return.

Every time I have a few drinks the next day I vow to stop drinking large quantities of white wine. It feels as though I have been dipped in a vat of Sauvignon Blanc and it permeates every pore. Bottles of Corona seem like a better 'session' drink. They aren't as strong and there's only so much volume you can take on. It also fits neatly with the family motto my Dad told my brother and I "You can never have too much beer". However I handily forget all this when I'm offered a glass of wine. I usually think "ooh, perfect. That's exactly what I feel like drinking."

Anyway next time I'm definitely not downing buckets of vino. And if I do, I'll bring to mind the patented hangover cure of an old Sporting Index work chum - a shit, a wank and a cup of tea (in that order).

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