Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tango in the Night

Yesterday was a great day. An old friend from my London days has been staying with us for a couple of nights so a nanny came and looked after the children for the afternoon and we went off to have lunch in the sunshine, a drink with some friends and walk up the Mount. What a glorious way to spend a few hours. The view is spectacular from the top and is a great way to reconnect with the place where we live. When we got back home at 6pm, the children were bathed, ready for bed and drinking milk, the house was clean and tidy and calm. I could have wept with gratitude. I could even smell cleaning products. It felt like the height of luxury to have had the entire afternoon off and come home to a house which was certainly in a much better state than when I left it.

Tomorrow the husband and I are disappearing off with two very close friends to Taranaki to see the mighty Fleetwood Mac. Two whole nights away listening to music and eating dinner. We are so excited. I have been singing along to Gold Dust Woman all day. Bring on the fun!

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  1. Heya Jen, nice catching up with you and the family and great to see the beautiful part of the world you live in.


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