Saturday, 12 December 2009

What would you like from Father Christmas?

Yesterday the boy and I attended his Kindergarten's Christmas party. It was an extremely relaxed, happy affair held in a local park where the children all ran wild until Father Christmas himself appeared. Many of the children (my son included) were experiencing for the first time the true magiv and wonder of Christmas. As he's 3 now he can understand the concept of 'presents' (show me a child who can't). We have been spending the last few weeks whipping him up into a state of frothied frenzy about the big man himself and how he'll be easing his ample frame down our chimney and leaving presents for him and his sisters.

About 5 weeks ago the husband and I were walking through K-Mart with the children. As the husband niaively sauntered past the toy section, the boy spotted a large display of bright orange chainsaws. He pressed the button on one and the thing coughed into life with a roar and a spin of the chain bringing him so close to ecstacy he damn nearly passed out with pleasure and longing. So that was the day the boy realised how desparately he needed the chainsaw in his life. We have heard about it every day. A few days ago I sat down with him to compose a letter for Father Christmas.

me: What would you like to ask for from Father Christmas?

boy: a chainsaw

me: shall we ask him for anything else in case he doesn't have a chainsaw?

boy: no

me: (sighs) ok son. What about twin1 what do you think she'd like?

boy: a beer

me: anything else?

boy: yes, a baby

me: and twin2?

boy: a toy

All duly recorded we put the letter in the fireplace and burnt it. According to the husband this is how Father Christmas receives his letters.

So, as the boy and fourty other children crowded round Father Christmas on a lovely warm afternoon in the park I watched the little lad's reaction to his first ever, real live view of the God of children that is Santa. The children stared at him with a mixture of awe, slight fear and deep curiosity. Above the shouting and excitement I could clearly hear the boy bellowing "I WANT A CHAINSAW' and trying to get Father Christmas' attention. What the lad doesn't know is that tucked away in a secret hiding spot is a pristine, perfect chainsaw - exactly like the one he saw 5 weeks ago. I can barely contain my own excitement at the thought of his face when he opens it on Christmas Day. Unluckily for twin1 the beer and the baby are out of the question but I think she'll manage to put her disappointments aside and join in the festive fun (as best you can at 1 year old).

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  1. A chain saw, a beer, and a baby. Bet that had Santa a bit puzzled as to what your household gets up to.


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